DIGICLAIM, INC. - Pioneering advanced 3D imaging for the property and casualty insurance industry

Automotive damage assessment

At DIGICLAIM, INC., our core business is automotive damage assessment. To address the millions of vehicle accident claims annually, we’re developing the first fully automated, drive-thru damage assessment system. This system is the first unbiased, science-driven system that offers laser-accurate damage assessment for the rental car and insurance industries. Our ability to accurately determine sub-surface, as well as surface damage, positions us as.......the MRI of auto insurance claims.

Aerodynamic compliance for motorsports

Our experience with automobiles and interest in motorsports has led us to provide aerodynamic compliance services to the automotive motorsports industry. In today’s racing world, corporate sponsors can’t afford to have their brand exposed by a team that doesn’t comply with the various series rule book. Our Grid, or Go Home drive-thru technology offers guaranteed aerodynamic compliance with the racing league’s specifications in real-time. In front of the crowded grandstands, you either Grid, or Go Home.

Automotive benchmarking

Our engineering benchmark services provide laser accurate measurements of competitors products. Whether an external scan or a full car teardown, DigiClaim strives to provide our customers with precision data in a timely fashion.